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Re-purposing – Getting the most from your Content

You hear a lot today about ‘Content is King’. That you should be blogging, posting, tweeting, Facebook Living, writing, engaging. So how can one article cover all of that for you. Here we look at how one written piece can be re-purposed, to cover so many other types of content.

People like to digest things in different ways, some like a good read, others just want to skip to the key points. For some, video keeps them engaged, while others like to listen whilst doing other things. So why not provide your message in different forms to suit them?

The first place to start is to look at what types of media your audience prefers, and where they may be. It is no good creating a whole campaign of Tweets to go out, if you feel that is not the platform for you. Make a list of the types of content you want to create:

Blog, Facebook Post for your business page or group, Tweets, LinkedIn post, Video, Podcast, Live Video, Snapchat, Email, Newsletter, Instagram, Webinar.

Then think about writing something fairly lengthy like a blog post or article that is ‘Evergreen’. That means something that is not likely to date and can be used at any time of year.

So how can one piece be re-purposed?

Write a Blog – Around 1000-1500 words, longer if you can but at least 300 words. Make it relevant to your audience, and with a good ‘tone’ that encourages the reader to keep reading. Include a relevant image in line with your content and brand.
Email – Email an engaging snippet of the blog to your mailing list with a ‘Read More’ link to take them to your website to read the rest.
Facebook Business Page/Group – Summarise the blog post into a paragraph and add a link to the original on your website. Alternatively take that blog and cut it to about 300-500 words and post it directly on the page as a long post so it can be read directly. Add an image that will suit the platform. Blue images tend to blend in so think bright and possibly quirky. Share is via your personal page if you wish.
LinkedIn – As above for the Facebook post by summarising the blog post and adding a link to the original.
Twitter – Take 3-5 snippets from the blog post and tweet them with a link to the original. Particularly good if you have some statistics or data to share. You could even re-create them as a suitable image post.
Video – Create some slides from the blog post, brand it, use the original blog post to create a script, and create a video using Screencast-o-Matic or Camtasia. Upload to YouTube.
Podcast – Take the audio from the Video and edit as a podcast. If the audio doesn’t make sense without the images, then re-script slightly and record the audio again for the podcast.
Snapchat/Facebook Live – Use the script as the basis of notes for a Facebook Live or Snapchat on the subject. This could be a series of short tips, or one longer piece.
Instagram – Create one, or a series of quotes from the blog as visuals using WordSnap or Canva and post on Instagram. Create an Infographic if there are stats or suitable facts and post that.
Newsletter – Use an idea from your blog as an article in your newsletter.
Webinar – Take a number of successful blogs on a similar theme and create a webinar to attract more people to your site and mailing list.
Republish – You could get your blog onto Huffington Post or LinkedIn, or as a guest blogger.
Ebook – Again take a few articles on a theme and create an eBook, and promote that to gain more people to your site and on your list.

So many options from one article, and there are certainly more.

Don’t be overly concerned with someone seeing the same thing everywhere. The point here is to cover different platforms and media, and to make small changes to ensure the content is relevant to each of them. Change the image and snippet text to be suitable for the individual platforms. Go more in depth on Videos and webinars. Also, not everyone will see all your posts, just don’t dump the same one on different pages on the same platform at once.

So how could you re-purpose some of your current, or previous blogs, ebooks or articles to create more content? Better still find someone willing to take your original blog post and upcycle it for you.

App – Followerwonk

Want to know when your Twitter followers are most active – then try Followerwonk. It can also analyse how influential you are on Twitter, and which influencers follow you. Also, rather good for a bit of competition espionage, or key influencer research.

Type in the Twitter name you want the information on and choose to look at who they follow, or their followers. You then get details of the profile, a map indicating where the followers are located and their most active hours. It also shows the Social Authority of the followers – and lists them. Hover over the profile for bio details etc. It also indicates if you follow them already, or they follow you.


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