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Quick Reminder – The Maidstone meeting clashes with Good Friday next week, so it has been moved to Friday 21st April. Faversham is still on Thursday 20th.

35 Alternative Ideas for Creating Content

They suggest content is 80% information and interest and 20% sales, so what could you possibly write about for that large part of your time? Here are a few suggestions to get your mind thinking. Each could be used for long blog posts, a series of mini ones, or even quick update posts on your social media.

Don’t be alarmed by the long list, or think you have to come up with an idea for each. Have a scan through and pick one that stands out, or that you feel you have something to say on, and get a sheet of paper to jot some notes down. It may be ideas, titles, or phrases. It may even be something you have already created in the past that could be re-purposed into smaller sections, or with an updated view.

Next put an hour or so in your diary, preferably at a time you feel the most creative in your day. The night before have another read over the notes you have made. This helps your mind focus on the task, and even processes it whilst you sleep.

Content writing is so much easier when you are not starting at a blank page. So, at the planned time, grab your notes and make a start. It may not be on the first word of the first line, but start expanding on the notes to get into the flow of writing. If an idea pops up whilst writing jot it down quickly.

Keep going until you have enough for the content you want to cover, either a long post or a number of sections for smaller ones, and remember to proof read it over carefully once you have finished. If you get really stuck, stop and plan some further time in later rather than just sit there trying to magic up some thoughts, but keep the sheet near you in case some ideas come through the day.

Here are plenty of ideas below to get you started:

• Brainstorm topics based around your customer’s needs
• Recall the problems you faced when you first began, and write about how you solved them
• Ask your customers what their problems are
• Interview people who are doing interesting things in your niche
• Take a position against a mainstream view
• Debunk a popular myth
• Do something different, and blog about it
• Reflect on what you’ve learned recently from anything you’ve done
• Write flagship posts on your most basic topics for new readers
• Write a tutorial or beginner’s guide
• Answer reader questions – one at a time or many together
• Do a FAQ post about a specific topic
• Review a book
• React to someone else’s blog post or trend you’ve been reading about
• Look to industry magazines for ideas
• Read other blogs, see what inspires you
• Survey your customers
• Write about something that has surprised you recently
• Create a top ten list of things in your industry, sector or niche
• Create a list of your favourite posts (from other websites) on a particular subject
• Ask a question of your readers and encourage them to answer in the comments
• Share a moving or thought-provoking story
• React to some major news (newsjacking)
• Share with your customer’s actionable ways to change their lives
• Share inspirational thoughts or quotes
• Share your mistakes… be vulnerable
• Share what you’ve learned from a philosopher, story or myth
• Ask your readers what they want you to write about – possibly across social media
• Write a ‘how to’ post
• Write a short post on something provocative or thoughtful
• Do a post replying to a comment someone left
• Share something most people don’t know
• Create a massive list of resources for a specific topic
• Share your routine or setup around a certain topic
• Share the routines or setups of others

…. and remember the Metis Women Facebook pages have the opportunity for you to post your blogs etc. so we can all have a read.

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