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5 Steps to Your Best Year & 10 Top Apps for women in business

Make the most of Your Year

Are you missing out on the one thing that will virtually guarantee to make 2018 more successful? ….Planning. Yes, I know it’s like a four-letter word at this time of year but if 2017 was any of this:

A struggle

A juggle of priorities

Time poor

Less profitable than hoped

Too short

…. Then make the decision to change that now. Here are the 5 steps that will make your 2018 even more successful:

The Key Figures for the year – Turnover, profit or loss. How did that compare with what you expected (or planned)? Think about what percentage you would want to increase these by this year. Check your expenses and make sure there is nothing going out that should be cancelled or re-negotiated for a better deal.

Number of Customers and Average Value – How many customers did you have across the year, and were there any different categories to consider? By knowing the total number of customers and your turnover you can calculate your average customer value. This can be very helpful when looking at future sales projections and planning marketing campaigns. Think about how you could increase this average value across this year?

Most Popular versus most Profitable product/service – Which product or service sold the most in quantity, and which actually made you the most profit. Again, don’t forget to take into account your Time costs. Are your promotions being focussed in the right area?

Read all about it – What parts of your marketing worked, and which didn’t. Regardless of whether there was any actual cost involved, all marketing needs some level of time involved, so make sure it is working the best for you. Which brought in the most leads, and which the best sales? If you are on social media look at how your figures for likes, engagement etc have changed over the year. Don’t forget word of mouth, email campaigns and networking,

Help, I need somebody – Were there areas you used support in, or could have done with? Think about what external services you used, how it worked and how to improve it this year. Do you employ others, and does anyone need reviewing to develop further this year, or to address issues? Were there things you did, that others could (or should) be doing for you, to let you spend the time focusing on the things only you can do?

To help you further with reviewing last year and planning 2018, come along to the Faversham Meeting next Thursday 18th Jan where Amanda Holges will be discussing this and more in her ‘7 Steps to Your Year’ Learn Session.

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App – 10 Apps for Small Business

Here’s a selection of apps we feel are useful for businesses:

Skype – For audio or video calls and group conferencing. It also provides an easy way to share files, and screen sharing for collaboration or discussion. Find out more >>

Dropbox – Cloud based storage for all your files, documents, photos, etc all synced across your devices. Good for file sharing and working together on files and documents. Find out more >>

Evernote – Helps to keep your business (and personal) notes in one place. Create typed notes, photos, audio files and even hand-written notes, then sync them across devices. Powerful search functions allow you to find things easily, even in scanned documents. Find out more >>

Facebook Page Manager – Post updates, photos and videos to your business page all from your mobile. Respond to comments to engage with your followers. Get Insights on your page and Notifications of activity. Find out more >>

G-Suite – Bringing all the Google apps in one place. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Video Conferencing, Calendar, Spreadsheets, Slides and keep your data and devices secure. Integrate it all together and then share it with others to make working together easier. Find out more >>

MailChimp – Create and automate email campaigns to help communicate with your customers and grow your list. Build newsletter templates, and get reports on how your campaigns are working. Find out more >>

Trello – For organising tasks and projects with others. Create cards with due dates, reminders, notes, files and more for assigning and ease of collaboration. Trello works with other apps and syncs across devices. Find out more >>

Todoist – Create to-dos, reminders, projects and sub tasks. Syncs across devices, and with web browsers and inboxes. You can share tasks with others, and collaborate in real-time on projects Find out more >>

Quickbooks – For online accounting that you can integrate with your bank account to keep a regular eye on your financial data. Send invoices via your mobile and scan receipts to track your expenses. It can even track your mileage and prepare your self-assessment. Find out more >>

Pocket – An easy way to save articles, videos and web pages for future use. Tag them for ease of search. Useful for content creation, projects or research. Find out more >>

If you have other favourite apps let me know and we can add it to future emails to help others too.

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