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Friends and regular networkers Caroline, Deborah and Amanda set up Metis Women because they felt something was missing from their networking meetings – a development and collaboration element. As nothing fit the bill in the local area they decided to set up their own group and Metis Women was born.

Metis Women was launched in Faversham, Kent in November 2013 and immediately gathered a strong membership of businesswomen. Our members continue to develop themselves and their businesses through support and collaboration. We like to call it the Metis Women effect, and the results of it can be seen in the number of our members who have won awards and accolades, or increased their turnover and client base, in the past year.

Metis Women puts the support into personal and professional development. Through monthly meetings and online follow-up we look to provide an objective sounding board for new ideas or problems you need to resolve, as well as friendship, collaboration and a network of go-to people you can trust.

Over the last 3 years our additional Mastermind Groups have shown directly how businesses develop further through the support of others keen to help them grow. Increased profits, better pricing structures, new business developments and ‘Best Year Yet’ have all been achieved by our Masterminders.

This year Metis Women has once again achieved success in the Women’s Champion category at the Kent Women in Business Awards. To further this we will be speaking at events and working with schools to raise awareness of the importance of women in business. Come as a guest to one of our meetings and find out more about us.

Why Metis Women? Metis was the Titan goddess of wisdom and deep thought – the embodiment of prudence, wisdom and wise counsel. We feel she gives a good foundation for what we want to stand for and achieve.

It’s all about support, collaboration and growth.

A bit about the Founders


Deborah Mulvany – Deborah is a qualified nutritionist and healthy lifestyle coach. She started Metis Women because she recognised the massive growth she experienced in her business was – in part – due to collaboration with others she had met through networking. She received a lot of  encouragement in running and growing her business and wanted to bring this support to other women in business.


Caroline Love – Caroline is passionate about making sure that women reach their full potential both professionally and personally. She is excited and proud to be a co-founder of Metis Women, a vibrant community of women who wish to develop and grow their businesses.


Amanda Holges – Amanda is a local Business Mentor with 30 years’ experience in running successful businesses, having taken her own family business to a £multi-million international company. Amanda supports business owners keen to develop their businesses, and enjoy their time outside of work, through 1:1 mentoring and group Masterminds.