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Exposing Yourself with Confidence

With our theme this month of Time to Shine, we look at how you are promoting yourself. What are some of the key things to consider and check to make sure your exposure is at its best?

Profile – When was the last time you checked all the personal profiles you have out there? This is the little window into you, and as we know people buy people. It is important that all your profiles are up to date, and have the right content in it for the market you are now looking to attract. Make sure you are consistent across all the media, so if someone sees you in various places it is still clear it is the same person they are dealing with. Don’t forget your webpage, directories you may be on – and have you checked your Metis Women profile recently?


Market – Have you ever watched something and thought ‘I don’t know how anyone would like that’ – well perhaps it wasn’t supposed to appeal to you. The same is true about the customers you want to deal with. Be really clear on who you are trying to attract. Go into the little details about them such as what they might read, where they go, their interests, who else they may be interested in. The saying ‘If you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no-one” is true. You need to catch their eye, and that means things that appeal to them. It doesn’t mean you can’t have more than one target, but be clear who you are marketing to for each piece you put out there.

Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, You Tube, Periscope, Meercat, Blogging, Vlogging and Live Streaming. So do you have something on every ‘channel’ yet? I doubt it, and neither should you. With very few exceptions it would be unlikely that your key clients are on ALL of the possible media in good quantities. However, there may be certain media that they are more likely to be using. Rather than trying to spread yourself too thin across multiple areas, get good at how to use the ones your targets are using most. Lisa from Klarity Marketing has this useful graphic to help:


Engage – It can be easy, tucked away in your office, to blurt out a post and then scuttle away for a while before you have to do so again. Surely you want to be seen as approachable, likeable, knowledgeable? You need to get your voice out there too. If someone takes the time to write a comment, let them know you have seen it. Reply to them. Find relevant groups online, or meetings to attend, to show the real person too and have a discussion or chat. If someone sees you and says they feel as if they already know you because you are ‘visible’ in so many places, then this is good feedback. It means you are being noticed. Embrace it, don’t shy away.

Just like the sun in Summer – It’s your Time to Shine (Don’t be stuck behind a rain cloud)

Everything in a Shoebox

Caroline Love of Your Time to Flourish, suggests this app might be the answer for going paperless – and losing some of the piles around the office. It also does business cards that can be exported to your list. Shoeboxed uses OCR (optical character recognition) so items can be searched fully too, and you can auto-import receipts from Gmail.

“Digitise and archive receipts in a single location with Shoeboxed. You can make images of your receipts and store them here to assist with your bookkeeping. There is also a GPS mileage tracker for use with your smart phone”


Book Review: Chicken Soup

Sophia Mulvany of Hatters Tea Room has just finished reading “Chicken soup for the teenage soul” by Jack Cranfield. It is a collection of stories to help teenagers through the various aspects of surviving and succeeding in life. It includes inspiration, advice and humour, and deals with some tough subjects.

“I found it both emotional as well as easy to read because it is set out in small stories grouped together. As far as what resonated with me I think the diversity of the stories that could convey any mood. Also, I have attached an image that is from the book that I found very amusing, and reminds me of when I started a business as well as the advice I was given.”


Great for anyone with teenagers, either buy them the book, or read it yourself and get a better understanding.


Well Dones & Commitments

Well done to all those completing their commitments from Faversham:

Deborah Mulvany had ‘Win Award’ as one of her commitments after putting in her application. Deb’s smashed it and won a very well deserved ‘Nutritionist of the Year’ at the Kent Health and Beauty Awards.

Dee Stringer, only had ‘Attend the Award’ on her commitments, but instead received no less than 4 awards on the night. Two bronze, one gold for Mobile Therapist and the exceptional Inspired Achievement award. Dee also got her CPD up-to-date and has kept Lypodemia Awareness month prominent in the many posts she has made during June.

Judith Jackson has got her new business plan underway.

Michele Cole got her office reorganised, finally got the broken meter box fixed, and greatly enjoyed her holiday away.

Sofia Mulvany emailed me to let me know she managed all of her commitments as well – to prepare for her A levels, survive the exams and write a blog for June. You can see her blog post here: https://shennongblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/02/history-of-white-tea/

Julia had to get a veg box on her list – tick. Though she feels she is far too excited over what she receives 😉 Don’t worry it happens to the best of us – I remember being astounded over a Romanesco.

If you have made a great achievement, or completed your commitments, let me know here, so I can post it in the email.

Upcoming Meetings

Please book yourself into the upcoming meetings now. Links are below.

*Maidstone: Bearstead Golf Club*
*Faversham: Judd’s Folly*
*Ashford: Back at Rift Accounting*

Faversham 18th July

Lympne 2nd August

Faversham 15th August

Have a wonderful weekend

Amanda & The Metis Women Team

PS – I am always on the lookout for content, so if you have read a good book, got an app you find useful, want to share an event, have learnt something that others will benefit from, then please let me know.

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