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Clearing out the techy clutter

So Much Tech – So Little Time

We may have been hoping for the paperless office of our dreams, but just a peak at your electronic storage may make you take a deep breath, let alone the time spent trying to find that elusive file. Then there are the gadgets and leads on shelves, boxes or in drawers, long forgotten but still cluttering things up. So, take these 5 simple steps to make way for the new:

Hidden Tech: How many phones etc have you previously owned and are still sitting in a drawer somewhere? Search out the old tech, chargers, boxes and manuals and recycle them. Mobile phones, iPods, tablets etc can be used to raise money for charity. Oxfam have a scheme where you can donate all or part of the money you raise to help others. There are other charity schemes too if that doesn’t suit.

Document Overload: We have so much storage on our Computers or ‘in the Cloud’ that the old method of clearing out a filing cabinet to make room seems redundant, but that just means you are hoarding much more than you really need. Are there copies of letters to Clients going back years that you don’t really need – at least not in your regular folders. Do some archiving, and deleting, of old correspondence no longer required. Think about your current folders too – are they causing you wasted time and stress trying to find a document? Think about the best way to use your folders and sub folders so you can find things easier. One for Clients, with a sub folder for each Client, and then folders within that for the types of document or individual projects works for me.

Download Disaster: Your Downloads folder should just be a temporary holding area for downloading a file before moving it to the correct Folder location. How much is in yours? If anything has served its purpose, delete it. Move the files you still need to the correct folders. A regular clear through here will help.

Bookmarks Galore: Bookmarks should be there to help you find a web page again easily, but if you have to find out which location you have saved it in, then scroll through a long list to find it, then you are really missing the point. Go to your Bookmarks Manager and delete the ones going back so far you can’t even remember what you had them for. Create folders for the ones you want to keep and find easily. Alternatively use something like Evernote to keep a bookmark where you can easily tag and search for them in future.

Naughty Notifications: Is you phone or tablet still distracting you every time someone sends you an email, message or posts on social? Be more in control of your time and focus by switching the unnecessary notifications off, or to a time when you want to be informed. Whilst you are there have a look at the old apps you no longer use, and clear them off. Get the things you most regularly use into one screen, and use folders such as ‘Banks’ to keep multiple ones of the same theme more easily to hand.

A few minutes each day sorting one of these areas will soon find you on top of the clutter – ready to fill it with more in the coming year…

>>> Book Now: Enjoy a Festive Celebration with us – Thursday 14th December

Metis Women will be holding their Festive Feast after the Faversham meeting on Thursday 14th December at Judds Folly. It is always a fabulous excuse for a little frivolity and fun.

Full details of the Menu are on the website, so book your place now. We need numbers and menu choices by the 4th.

Book Your Faversham meeting ticket and your Festive Feast here >>

Or join us just for the Feast here (you can also preview the menu here) >>

A Few Other Upcoming Events to Remember

Smooches for Pooches Sunday 3rd December – CJ Munn of Rockabelly Lifecasts and Kathryn Cooper of Kathryn Cooper Jewellery invite you to their event to help raise money for the Guide Dogs for the Blind. Peruse around Kathryn’s selection of stunning jewellery, discuss bespoke commissions, and get a reduced price Kiss Cast from CJ to wow your someone special, or pick up one of her DIY casts for Christmas. Email cj@rockabelly.co.uk or call 01622 609386 for more details.

Crafts for Christmas Sunday 10th December – RC Events, Shaping Wellness and Soul Solutions in Faversham are holding a Christmas Fair in support of Demelza House. With a special appearance from Father Christmas, plenty of Stalls to buy your Christmas Gifts and goodies to enjoy there will be plenty to see.

For more information (and to book Santa Grotto tickets) >>

Forthcoming Meetings

Ashford-Folkestone – 5th January, Westenhanger Castle – Learn Session: TBC
* Sponsored by Westenhanger Castle, Wedding, Meetings & Conferences

Maidstone-Medway – 8th December, The Centre – Mind Body Sprit, Moto Services, M2 London Bound – Learn Session: Sam Lloyd, How to plan an event to lead to higher success
* Sponsored by The Centre – Mind Body Sprit, Workshops, Healing, Therapies

Faversham – 14th December, Judd’s Folly – Learn Session: Caroline Love, The end of the year show!
* Sponsored by Judds Folly, Hotel, Restaurant & Wedding Venue

Meetings run from 9:30 (For networking) – 12:00

Book Now:

We are currently not running any meetings, for further details see our facebook page

Have a great weekend

Amanda & The Metis Women Team