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Keeping in touch with customers.

I’m sorry who are you again?

There are many simple, and relatively quick ways to remind your customers of you. Perhaps you spoke earlier in the year when time just wasn’t right, or you keep putting the blogging off. Here’s a few thoughts to help boost the contact and engagement you are having with your customers:

A quick prompt – Do you have clients that you spoke to about working with you earlier in the year? They didn’t have the time or budget, or Summer was coming….. Well now is a good time to remind them of what was discussed to see if things have changed. Write them a personal email, or even give them a quick ring, and see if you can help make their life just a little better with something from you.

Checklist of Opportunity – Consider offering an ‘Autumn Checklist’ of things to think about. Do you provide a product or service where you could list a few things to consider that just might lead them to think about you again? Not a big sales pitch but a useful coax. An Autumn Cleaning (for your office) checklist, or 6 things to consider on an Autumn Walk. A Checklist for the Car, Home, Well-being, Activities, Bucket List. You could be quite tenuous and think out of the box for this one.

Colourful Offers – Forget the Black Friday too many will be speaking of soon – have an Ochre Tuesday or a Purple Thursday instead. Stand out and create curiosity in a sea of sameness. Think about an offer or package you could promote to new and existing customers.

Capture the Images – Whilst you are out being inspired by the trees, sunsets, birds or fields, remember to take some photos. The landscape and events are a treasure trove of inspiration and exciting visuals. Great for using on blogs, email or social posts – and something unique to you, rather than a stock image.

Write it Down – A blog post doesn’t have to be a long drawn out essay. It should be at least 300 words, and ideally around 1,600 words, but something short-ish regularly is better than nothing at all. A social post can be just a few words. A good photo (see the point above), a few words or sentences, something seasonal or topical. Consider something you have been doing yourself at work or home. Preparing something for a client, planning your week on a glorious walk, stockpiling wood for your roaring fire. Ask for comments or pose a question – ‘what’s your favourite autumn walk’ – and get some engagement going on your pages.

Well I hope I may have inspired you to do something a bit different to raise your profile or remind a client that Autumn can be a good time to get things sorted before the ‘C’ word appears.

Upcoming Workshops

10:00am – 1:00pm The Centre-Mind Body Spirit (next to the Medway M2 services)

Linked In – Tuesday 21st November – Take a look at LinkedIn – the professional social media platform. Find out more about why you should use LinkedIn, build your profile, connect to others the professional way, join Groups, and hints and tips on how to create relevant content and engage.

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Ashford-Folkestone – 1st December, Westenhanger Castle – Learn Session: Elizabeth Coachworth, Quick looks at Quickbooks
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Maidstone-Medway – 8th December, The Centre – Mind Body Sprit, Moto Services, M2 London Bound – Learn Session: Sam Lloyd, How to plan an event to lead to higher success
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Faversham – 16th November, Judd’s Folly – Learn Session: Caroline Love, Time Saving Strategies for Social Media
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