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Social Media Thinking #1: (in thought bubble) Listen, share and engage before promoting
How can you make social media work for your business? Last month Lisa Whalley-Smith Brand Developer from Klarity Marketing told us how she managed to grow a second business purely through social media. We thought her tips were so useful we’ve printed them again here.

1. Start with a bang

Choose a memorable name for your page: snappy and easy to spell and consistent across all platforms. Make sure you’ve filled in your bio, explaining clearly what you do using relevant search terms – and don’t forget to include your location and a link to your website, blog or online shop.

2. Know the rules

Different platforms have different rules. Make sure you know what will get your account suspended or deleted – for instance setting up a business as a ‘person’ on Facebook, or aggressive following and posting on Twitter.

On the plus side most platforms have rewards and incentives for using them correctly, such as insights and personalised URLs for pages with more likes.

3. Look your best

Use each platform to its advantage, and don’t feel you have to engage with all of them. Choose the ones appropriate to your product or service, but aim for consistency between them, so your brand is always recognisable.

And don’t forget the universal criteria: quality photos; good grammar and spelling; post regularly.

4. Make the most of each platform’s functionality

Use pinned posts, twitter lists, and third party apps for scheduling, analysis and content creation…

5. Watch your Ps and Qs

Make sure you are aware of, and abide by, social media etiquette (tip – it’s much the same as in everyday life): acknowledge your sources; engage with your audience; and keep it positive.

6. Plan to succeed

Schedule in time for social media (each day if possible) where you respond to messages, follow accounts etc. Focus on the task in hand, not that cute video your mate has just posted. Use weekly and monthly planners to structure your posts.

7. Create new content

To make a real impact with social media, you need to do more than re-tweet and re-post. You need to create, develop and curate original content. At the very least add your own comment to a re-posted article, infographic or photograph.

8. Timing is everything

Think about your target market’s routine and make sure you know when your followers are likely to be online. Spread out your posts, and be patient – it takes time to grow a loyal following!

9. Keep it simple and focussed.

Stay with the task in hand, and focus on your message. Keep to your schedules; follow key influencers in your sphere and you’ll be well on your way to social media success.

Lisa Whalley Smith is a marketing and branding expert who works with artisan food producers to build their brand and make their marketing work. Lisa offers one-to-one, small group and – coming soon – online social media training lisa@klaritymarketing.co.uk www.claritymarketing.co.uk