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Metis Women Lympne 1st November

Learn Session: Karina O'Donnell - 'Out of the Box' Marketing - The Art of Getting Attention - Have you run out of marketing ideas? Are your marketing campaigns stalling and you are struggling with what to try next? If so, you are not alone. Sometimes we find ourselves in an “idea drought” so Karina has gathered over 25 different marketing ideas you may not have thought of yet…..grab attention with some “outside of the box” thinking that really works and end 2019 with a challenge to try something new and different!


Metis Women Faversham 21st November

Learn Session: Amanda Holges - 6th Anniversary Meeting & 5 Things I Wished I Knew In Business - At our 6th Anniversary of Metis Women, Amanda will reflect back on 5 key things she has learned about business, and wished someone had told her. From that first '40 second pitch' to learning how to grow from 'mistakes', there is something to gain for every stage in your business.