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Metis Women Faversham 21st November

Learn Session: Amanda Holges - 6th Anniversary Meeting & Things I Wished I Knew In Business - At our 6th Anniversary of Metis Women, Amanda will reflect back on 6 key things she has learned about business, and wished someone had told her. From that first '40 second pitch' to learning how to grow from 'mistakes', there is something to gain for every stage in your business.


Metis Women Lympne 6th December

Learn Session: Deborah Mulvany - A Seasonal Gift from Metis Women! - An advent calendar full of business tips and best advice for business owners. Collated from over 300 Learn Sessions, delivered at Metis Women meetings over the last 6 years by leaders in their given fields. Put together this is an incredible collection for any stage in your business.

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