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Metis Women Lympne 7th February 2020

Learn Session: Judith Jackson - INTERPERSONAL SKILLS FOR EFFECTIVE NETWORKING - Judith is a long-standing member of Metis Women and Area leader for a big UK wide Networking organisation. As well as a university lecturer in midwifery, currently doing her PHD She runs a very successful Utility Warehouse business which she promotes through Networking! In this Learn session, through interaction and discussion, the 'Skill Set' of behaviours and tactics for Business Networking will be explored and practised.


Metis Women Faversham 20th February 2020

Learn Session: Karen Chambers - HOW TO MAKE SURE YOU ACHIEVE YOUR BIG GOAL FOR 2020! - Karen Chambers BSc PGCert of KC Coaching is an ICF accredited Barefoot Coach, with 15 years’ experience of individual and team coaching, in small businesses, global organisations and the public sector, including AstraZeneca and The NHS. As well as providing coaching services, Karen has used this experience to develop the Clarity Cards™ System, which is a diagnostic tool that helps coaches quickly diagnose individual and team coaching needs and helps them win business. The Clarity Cards™ can also be used to aid HR & Training Professionals to identify team coaching and training requirements, design and develop group coaching workshops. In this Learn Session using the clarity card system, Karen will show us how to identify your most significant challenges for one of your goals and what your next step could be to overcome it.

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