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Learn Session:

By Amanda Holges, Kent Business Mentor

A Few Christmas Crackers - You work hard all year, well now’s the time to celebrate. Founders, Amanda Holges & Deborah Mulvany will be helping you take a good look at your past year. Reflecting on what you have learnt, identifying the gaps, celebrating your successes and of course planning for a super fabulous 2020.


19th December, 2019




Judds Folly Hotel, *Same venue new location - see notes*: Yew Tree Conference Room, Judd's Folly Hotel, London Road, Faversham ME13 0RH

**** Please be aware that we are at the same venue, but a new location for our Faversham Metis Women Meetings: Yew Tree Conference Room – see notes below for more information ***

Faversham Metis Women Meetings are sponsored by Judd’s Folly

Our meetings follow our key values of Support, Collaboration and Growth. Come along to our meeting and see the difference in your growth, confidence, and motivation that a Metis Women meeting can make.

In our learn session one of our fabulous elite members, a founder, or special guest speaker will be focusing on a key area of business or personal development, to help increase your awareness, skills and abilities to further your growth.

A member will be giving their 10 minute Member talk on what they do and why they do it. Then in our Collaboration Spots a member will have the chance to pose an issue for us all to consider and provide feedback on and a second member will be letting us know how she put the help from her collaboration session last month into action.

New guests are very welcome – come to the meeting and find out more about how Metis Women can help you and your company move forward through Support and Collaboration.

Arrive from 9:30am for Networking prior to the meeting start at 10:00am.

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What is Metis Women?

Metis Women is a collaboration & development group for savvy women who either have an existing business that they are looking to grow through advice and support from experts in their field or for those that have a business idea (or just like the idea of working for themselves) but have no idea how to get it off of the ground.

We take a holistic approach, focusing not just on specific business issues but also on how our personal lives impact on our professional and vice versa.

What can you expect at a Metis Meeting?

The meetings include a good mix of personal and business development, information and the opportunity to provide support and collaboration with other attendees. They include:

  • A presentation or workshop related to business and/or personal development
  • An opportunity for a member to give a short presentation on themselves and their Company
  • An opportunity for a member to air a business problem, question or new peice of marketing and receive support and advice from the other members
  • A chance to share your goals for the coming month and publicly commit to them
  • Support and networking

Come along and find out all about Metis Women and how to become a member

– The Metis Women Team

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Same venue, new location

Our meeting will be held in the new Yew Tree Conference Room at Judds Folly.

When arriving at the venue take the left-hand fork towards the hotel, then continue to stay on the left and drive around the left-hand side of the venue.

Continue forwards on the left past the ‘Private Property – No Entry’ sign.

At the end the track then turns right, and at the top is the Yew Tree.
Judds Folly Yew Tree Same Venue - Different Location