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We said when we set up Metis Women almost a year ago that we wanted to reach as many business women across Kent and support and encourage them along their entrepreneurial journey, and we’re delighted to now have three groups running across the county, the latest being the launch of our Dartford group this week.

The first Dartford gathering brought it all back to that initial meeting in Faversham. In the time since then, Metis Women has gone from strength to strength, and we’re all so proud of what we’ve achieved. Not only that, it’s been fascinating to watch our members develop, how their businesses have grown, and the collaborations that have been formed.

So here we were, surrounded by the glorious greens of Birchwood Park Golf Centre, with a room full of our lovely Metis Women members, and we were delighted to welcome lots of guests for the first time. It’s always great coming to a new area, as it opens up the opportunity for us to meet many more like minded female entrepreneurs and learn about their businesses.

As it was a launch meeting, we steered away slightly from our usual format, and we were delighted to welcome our guest speaker and good friend of Metis Women, the ever entertaining and motivating Hilary Steel, Editor of Kent Women in Business magazine.

Hilary spoke to us about the importance of communication, and the best way of ensuring that you get your message across. There were a few memorable examples of when communication goes wrong (including not assuming that customers in an Italian restaurant don’t speak Italian when the waiters are being rude about them, and actually, they’re fluent!), but the overarching message was simple, but one which is so easy to get very wrong – communicating so that people understand you.

With so many channels and ways to interact with an audience, this has become more important than ever. Hilary talked about considering the psychological make-up of the person you’re talking to, and adapting your own way of communicating in order to get your point across. Really interesting, and I’m sure we’re all going to give it a go (after assessing what personality type we are first!)

Thanks Hilary for helping to make our Dartford launch an event not to forget – you really are an inspiration to listen to.

Onto our naughty treat in the break (we alternate with one naughty and one healthy treat each meeting). This month we welcomed back the delicious macaroons from Sylvia and Terry, yum, yum.

Then we were back for our collaboration slot. This month was a really interesting problem posed to the room by Cynthia Koni from Koni Accountancy. Sad news for us, but an amazing opportunity for her: Cynthia’s relocating to Zambia, and wanted our advice on how to manage the move with existing clients, as well as growing her business both in the UK, Zambia and globally.

Some great practical advice. We wish Cynthia all the luck in the world managing her move thousands of miles away. Don’t worry, we’ve already earmarked her to lead the Zambia branch of Metis Women!

Finally, our commitments for the month, and a chance to hear how our members have got on with various challenges and goals completed, and Dartford better get ready for Caroline Love cracking the commitments whip to check you’re all on track…

A fabulous launch meeting all in all; the next meeting’s on 23rd October (it’ll usually be the 4th Thursday of each month), where we’ll be handing over the reins to our new team, so you’ll be in the very capable hands of Helen Willsher from Exquisite Salon Success, Deborah Turner from You Image Consultancy and Sarah Whelband from Whelband Communications. We’re delighted to have them on board, and we know they’ll do a fab job. So make sure you sign up now here, and we can’t wait to meet more of you then!