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The feeling of Summer is definitely with us now. Hot days and long evenings with all the magnificence a sunset sky can bring. Make sure you take the time to enjoy some moments taking in the wonder of nature around you.

For July we are focusing on how to bring yourself and your wellbeing to the top priority After all, if you are below par then that can affect so many things in your business and your home life.

The Learn Sessions for July

Ashford-Folkestone will have Deborah Mulvany from Shaping Wellness talking about Nutrition from a Biochemist’s Perspective. Deborah will be looking at balancing mind and body, setting the record straight allowing you to see through all the so-called answers on the internet and social media – never fall victim to hype and nonsense again. Learn what you actually need and what you don’t. Why stress and comfort can be your biggest enemy and how to combat that.

At our Faversham meeting, we have Caroline Love from Your Time to Flourish. Caroline will be talking about Looking after your most important asset. Without you, your business is nothing, so it pays to take care of your most important asset. In this learn session we will look at the importance of self-care and maintaining a good work life balance. You’ll come away with some useful tips to help you implement a self-care strategy and ensure you are at the top of the list when deciding your priorities.

Make Yourself your priority for a change and book your places now.

Welcoming New Members

May the Team take the opportunity to welcome our new members that have joined in recent months. Just a reminder to make the most of your membership. Let us have your profile details for the website (it is the most looked at page after the meetings) and take one of the Member’s Slots to let us know more about you and your business. Perhaps you have an issue you would like some help with, or you are looking at some new marketing or not sure what to focus on next – why not let us help in one of the Collaboration Spots. A roomful of people with differing views and suggestions to support you can really make a difference.

Don’t worry about having to take the front stage, we are here to support and even the shyest have found it not as bad as they imagined. It is a good way to get the help in your business you need and boost your confidence amongst friends.

Finally, if you haven’t had your Mastermind Taster yet, then let me know so I can reserve your space. This opportunity is not to be missed as it will help give you some real focus on where you and your business want to be in 12 months, and the first steps to making that happen.

Just drop me a line on any of the above and we can get a date in.

Forthcoming Meetings

Ashford-Folkestone – 6th July, Westenhanger Castle – Learn Session: Deborah Mulvany, Nutrition from a Biochemist’s Perspective
* Sponsored by Westenhanger Castle, Wedding, Meetings & Conferences

Faversham – 19th July, Judd’s Folly – Learn Session: Caroline Love, Looking after your most important asset
* Sponsored by Judds Folly, Hotel, Restaurant & Wedding Venue

Meetings run from 9:30 (For networking) – 12:00

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Have a wonderful weekend

Amanda & The Metis Women Team