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It was the turn of our new Maidstone Metis Women team to run the show today, so with the sparkly Kathryn Cooper adorned with her beautiful creations taking the role of MC, ably supported by the ever gorgeous Ali Hollands and natural goddess Claire Hulott, we were in capable hands.

It was another full room this month, with lots of new visitors experiencing a Metis Women meeting (or Metis Women virgins as they dubbed themselves!) for the first time, they were in for a treat. It’s always exciting hearing from the variety of people we have on board and our new visitors certainly didn’t disappoint.

And what better way to start off than by learning all about energy vampires from Ali “Buffy” Hollands. For those that hadn’t heard of this term before, energy vampires are represented by all those people, places and activities that can sap your energy, drain you dry, and distract you from your goals. So as chief vampire slayer, Ali was on hand to help us learn the tactics to help us slay all different types of demons from our life. With our arsenal of stakes and swords at hand to banish these negative influences in our lives, we went round the table identifying the ghoul that we’d vaporise first in order to ensure that we can reign supreme in all matters, personally and professionally. So beware, we’re going to take no prisoners!

Next up was Sarah Whelband of Whelband Communications, who as a Metis Women member, had the opportunity to talk through her business, and why she does what she does. We all learned a little of Sarah’s journey in PR from the big smoke to the Garden of England, and how she is coping juggling her PR business with her three month old baby! We also gained an insight into the world of PR, dispelling some of the myths, and really got to grips with how she spends a typical day, from writing press releases and organising stunts, to monitoring the news agenda and arranging press trips. Thanks Sarah, I think we all have a better understanding of what a PR professional gets up to!

Onto the break, and this month beautiful macaroons were on offer from Sylvia & Terry, which lasted all of about five minutes, so very tasty, thank you Claire Hulott for finding those little treasures!

Next, Jeanne Handley fed back on all the suggestions that she had received for her Calmer Canine business from last month’s collaboration slot. We were delighted to read the blog she’s started writing, and that all the advice she received seems to have revived her determination and enthusiasm, you go Jeanne!!

Next up was Andrea Beadle, who was looking for some advice on rebranding and a change in direction for her business. With so many women in the natural/complementary therapy/holistic sectors on hand to offer advice, we hope that Andrea is able to take some of the suggestions on board to help her on her journey. Good luck Andrea, we can’t wait to hear how you’ve got on next time!

So then onto commitments as usual and encouraging members to write down their pledges ahead of the next meeting. Although we’re taking a break for August, there will definitely be no excuses!

As mentioned, there will be no formal meetings in August, but instead we’re going to have a Metis Women Summer Party on 7th August at Judds Folly Hotel from 11am-4pm. Details will be on the website shortly. There will be plenty of stalls and activities and we’re looking forward to seeing you and your families there!

We’ll be back on normal duty in Maidstone on Friday 12th September, so book your seat to ensure you don’t miss out!

…and now for something completely different…

There’s never a dull moment at a Metis Women meeting, and we can end up talking about all matters, business and pleasure, and this meeting was no exception.

It turns out there’s a significant proportion of our members who have experience with – yes you are reading this right – itchy dogs!

Behaviour dog consultant Jeanne Handley has met a few dogs with the propensity to scratch, and so the conversation started from there. Apparently, there can be a number of reasons for itchy dogs, and a number of ways of treating it! Who ever knew!

There then began a lively debate about holistic therapies for dogs, wheat intolerance causing itching, or even just a behavioural trait, so many solutions to apparently a common problem!

So…it’s clearly a topic of interest to our members, so we’re curious to hear your thoughts, perhaps you have a different take on the problem altogether?

Please do submit your comments below, we’ll collate the feedback and perhaps report on your hints and tips at the next meeting!!