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The Passive Income of an Online Course – by Caroline Love

Today at Metis Women Maidstone-Medway our learn session was from Caroline Love of Your Time to Flourish. She was talking about how to make money while you sleep, or, a passive income, by developing a course which can be delivered online.

An online course is exactly what it sounds like. You, as the trainer, can have varying levels of input into the course ranging from none at all to regular webinars, Facebook live, forums, online groups etc.

We are increasingly seeing courses being sold online in a whole range of subjects, in personal development such as dog grooming and nail art (not in the same course!) and professional development, e.g. social media and app building. There is bound to be an area you can develop a course in, after all, we all learned our craft somehow.

There are several benefits to having an online course as part of your offering including:
1. It leverages your time. You deliver the course once and can sell it an infinite number of times;
2. It demonstrates your expertise in your subject area;
3. To increase your reach. When going online you are not limited to the local area you serve, you can go global if that’s what you want;
4. To build/develop a passive income;
5. To give people a taster of you and build relationships;
6. Part of your sales funnel.

There are advantages for your students too:
1. They can complete the course at their leisure and are not constrained by timetables.
2. As you can sell more of your courses than you would be able to deliver in person, you may feel able to offer a discount which makes them accessible to a greater number of people.
3. There are some topics that people prefer to study and research alone due to their sensitive nature.

There are online platforms specifically for course delivery. They often contain videos, audios and worksheets which your customers can download and watch at their leisure.

How do you go about creating an online course?

1. Outcome. What do you want to achieve with your course? Is it to widen your reach? Build your mailing list? Create a passive income? Deciding the outcome you are looking for will help you decide how your course is going to end up.

2. Decide your subject. What do you frequently do? Think about the times you give the same advice over and over – probably in the same way. What programs do you run in person that could be delivered online?

3. Delivery Method. Think how you want your course to be delivered. There are several different online learning platforms e.g. Udemy, Thinkific, JigsawBox, Kajabi. If your course is going to be suitable for use in large institutions, consider which learning platforms they use to deliver in-house training. Some learning platforms e.g. Udemy, will market your course for you (for a commission) so you need to ensure the course is of a certain standard.

4. Format. What do you want your course to look like? What content is there? How are you going to deliver it? Audio/video/worksheet, or a combination.

5. Do a course outline. Just as you would with a physical training course or workshop it is a good idea to outline the topic you are teaching, the lessons and what resources you need for each lesson. This will really help to clarify what you are doing and ensure you don’t repeat things or omit them completely.

6. Create the content. You can create the content in a variety of ways. You can use PowerPoint/Keynote and record voice overs, talking head videos, demonstrations, voice recordings for MP3s, design worksheets and downloads. Try and make them the best quality you can. There are lots of apps and programs available to help you.

7. Assemble it all. Upload all your lessons and associated resources to your learning platform of choice.

8. Market your course. There are various channels to market via including Webinars, online, using the software marketing systems, e.g. Udemy, Groupon, email marketing, and social media.

I hope this has given you an insight into the world of online course development, and maybe we’ll see your courses being offered online too. Please share in the comments the area you’d like to deliver a course in.

Apps to Help

Here are some apps that may help if you are considering an online course:

Screencast-O-Matic. This enables you to record your computer screen and/or webcam. Useful for creating PowerPoint presentations or Videos. You can edit the footage after and add narration and music too.
Screencast-O-Matic >>

Audacity. This if for recording and editing Audio files. Multi-channels can be used to add background music or effects etc. too. It is also helpful for sorting volume levels or background noise and changing file formats.
Audacity >>

Free Teleprompter. Suitable as a teleprompter for both your computer and iPhone/iPad. This is an online app, you just type in the text. It then scrolls up the screen at a readable size and rate, which you can adjust to suit.
Free Teleprompter >>

Udemy. This is an online course platform to host your program, and get paid. Admittedly at a low rate, but they do promote the courses, and are one of the go-to sites for online development with 17m students worldwide. It also provides the resources to create the course, and support to help create an engaging program.
Udemy >>

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