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We are no longer running our mastermind groups, head to the facebook page for more details.

“I joined the business focussed Mastermind sessions and found myself being challenged in my own thinking and decision making. I found these sessions incredibly positive and supportive and they have resulted in me having the confidence to increase my prices, with huge success and starting a second, already productive smaller business.” Karina O’Donnell – Simply Ceremonies UK

“Before I joined the Metis Women Mastermind, I was heading in several different directions. Since then I have learned to plan long and short term goals that have been vital to my business. I have been overwhelmed by the help and support I have gained through the group. Not only have strong relationships been built, but I have gained valuable advice and confidence to face any challenges in my business. Without Metis Women I would have had a greater difficulty in knowing where my business was heading.” Tracy May – The Cleaning Fairy