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Metis Women Mastermind
Focussed goals and targets
Supportive and encouraging environment
Catapult your thinking faster and further
Combined ‘brains’ and accountability


“I joined the business focussed Mastermind sessions and found myself being challenged in my own thinking and decision making. I found these sessions incredibly positive and supportive and they have resulted in me having the confidence to increase my prices, with huge success and starting a second, already productive smaller business.” Karina O’Donnell – Simply Ceremonies UK

What is the Metis Women Elite Mastermind?

Sharing insights and experiences with other like-minded business women is invaluable, and together everyone can help your business grow.

The Metis Women Elite Mastermind gives you a chance to get out of the day-to-day of your business and talk about your goals, problems, fears and opportunities – to share them with others and get some clarity and thoughts on how to move forward.

The combined brains and accountability the Masterming group provides, and your commitment to working on the points that arise will take you where you want to be. We understand this can feel like a big leap, but we are a supportive and welcoming group, and are keen to work with you to help you take those first steps.

Over the last 3 years our Mastermind Groups have shown directly how businesses develop further through the support of others keen to help them grow. Increased profits, better pricing structures, new business developments and ‘Best Year Yet’ have all been achieved by our Masterminders.

A mastermind group is the best way to catapult your business and your thinking forward – faster and further than you ever could working on your own.

If you are serious about wanting to Take Yourself and Your Business Further, then the Metis Women Mastermind can help you achieve it.

We have both Quarterly and Fast-Track Monthly Masterminds, to provide the right level of support you want in your business.

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Interested – but want to know more?

Your first meeting

Your first meeting will look at what you want to achieve in the 12 months ahead – your key goals and targets. The group will help you get some clarity in the targets and measurements for the next three months, and discuss the main hurdles and things that need to be in place to achieve this.

This will be your ‘Hot Seat’ and the focus and time will be on you – your challenges and opportunities, with a view to getting practical guidance, advice, direction and help from the Metis Women Founders and the others in your Mastermind Group.

You will then draw up your personal 90-day plan – with three or four key goals you need to achieve in next quarter. These action points are what you will commit to make happen before the next meeting.

For our Fast-Track Masterminds the focus is on the following 30 days, but still with the mid-term view of the 90-day plan as a rolling schedule. The added regularity of the meeting provides more accountability and interaction to keep you on track.

“Spending quality time with other business owners to review my business and work out the next steps to take has been invaluable. Feedback from this group helped me change the way I communicate to clients and helped my target my business at people looking to make a change.” Jane Lowther – House of Colour

Future meetings

Future meetings will start by looking at where you are now against where you wanted to be according to your personal plan. What targets and achievements have you reached? What has worked well and what hasn’t?

The Mastermind group discussion will focus on what you need help on and any hurdles you are facing. Perhaps you have a new project or need feedback on some marketing you are looking to implement? What are the key things that will help propel your next 30/90 days? These will help you keep on track to your final goals and to build a more successful business.

“Before I joined the Metis Women Mastermind, I was heading in several different directions. Since then I have learned to plan long and short term goals that have been vital to my business. I have been overwhelmed by the help and support I have gained through the group. Not only have strong relationships been built, but I have gained valuable advice and confidence to face any challenges in my business. Without Metis Women I would have had a greater difficulty in knowing where my business was heading.” Tracy May – The Cleaning Fairy

If after reading this you can see how the combination of accountability, advice and support you will receive from Metis Women Elite Mastermind can help you to move you and your business forward, then we look forward to welcoming you into the Mastermind Group and helping you achieve your short and long term plans.

The Metis Women Team

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