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Thank you for your interest in joining our Metis Women Mastermind.

There are two Mastermind levels to choose from:

Metis Women Elite Mastermind – Quarterly – £67 per month*

Metis Women Fast-Track Mastermind – Monthly – £97 per month*

*4 months minimum membership to enable you to see the Mastermind benefits.

The Masterminds are part of the Metis Women Elite membership, so in addition to the Mastermind program you also benefit from:

* Free monthly Metis Women meetings at all our venues
* Enhanced Member Profile on the Website
* A Member Slot or Collaboration Spot at one of our meetings
* A Learn Session at our meetings to showcase your knowledge & experience.
* Private Mastermind Facebook Group for extra support and accountability

Click here to find out more about Metis Women Elite Membership

Or give us a call on 07765 855304

Many Thanks
The Metis Women Team