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Ali Hollands Inspired to ChangeTeam Member
Work Phone: 07957573681 Website: http://www.inspiredtochange.biz

I specialise in working with people suffering from stress and anxiety who have lost their way and don’t feel they are coping or enjoying life. They often ask themselves ‘how did I get here?’

I help them regain control, confidence and belief to move forward with purpose, and build an enjoyable and positive path into the future.

What separates me from other health care professionals is Ascend © which is a simple, 5 stage path to regain control of your life.

Using this, my clients get rapid and long lasting results. They feel better fast, starting from the first session, and are back in charge of their lives, free to make the choices they really want in not years or months, but weeks.

Holistic Therapies
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