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CJ Munn Masters and MunnTeam Member
Work Phone: 01622 609386 Website: www.rockabelly.co.uk Website: www.mastersandmunn.co.uk

I run two businesses creating personal lifecast sculptures to celebrate every stage of life and the people you love. Body casting is an ancient art form, where a mould is taken directly from the human body and from that a cast is made and turned into a piece of utterly unique art.

As well as my own business, Rockabelly Lifecasts, where I cast everything from babies’ feet right up to full bodies, I also co-run another business, Masters & Munn, with my partner, André Masters, where we make highly decorative fine art lifecasts and sculptures in every conceivable material. From birthdays, to anniversaries, to just having something done for the experience, I can turn your precious memories into treasured heirlooms to be cherished by generations to come.

Creative Arts
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