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Sue Gray Sue Gray Sleep Coaching and TherapyExpired
Home 5 Beech Tree Avenue Sholden Kent Deal CT14 0FB
Work Phone: 07792 447 331 Website: http://www.suegray.co.uk

Sue Gray Sleep Coaching and Therapy was launched in Deal in December 2018. Sue previously worked in Harrow and Kings Cross in London.

Sue’s unique Sleep Transformation Programmes include Sleep Training, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Core Transformation, Breathing and Relaxation techniques, and meditation.

Sue specialises in helping people with Sleep Disorders – including insomnia (and its many causes), get A Great Night’s Sleep and wake feeling refreshed, and also helps people with Chronic Pain manage or even get rid of their pain.

Other Sleep Disorders include – snoring, sleep apnoea, sleeping with a mask or gum shield, bedwetting, narcolepsy, sleep walking, restless legs, jet lag, difficulty sleeping away from home etc. There are too many disorders to list here, so please get in touch for a free initial consultation.

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