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Metis Women TV Smug Shot

What makes Metis Women different to (better than) ‘normal’ business networking groups?

Metis Women – The Founders Shoot Featured:


Amanda Holges Metis Women Founders Shoot
“What makes us different is that in the room there was a lot more honesty, a lot more cooperation, and I suppose just the characteristics of women getting together in the room”
Amanda Holges, Kent Business Angel & Mentor
0:20-:028, 0:49-01:02


Caroline Love Metis Women Founders Shoot
“the focus is not on networking, it’s on developing yourself”
Caroline Love, Step Off Your Stilettos


Deborah Mulvaney Metis Women Founders Shoot
“The collaboration slot.. for me is a really exciting slot because it’s what Metis Women is all about”
Deborah Mulvaney, Shaping Wellness