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Getting started with your plans

Move your Life Forward or Backwards – Your Choice

This week we all got an extra hour to do something with – I got to spend an extra hour with my son on his Birthday weekend. Many will have just let it slip by. We all crave extra time, but often squander it when we actually get some. So which way are you choosing to move your life?

Each day we are given a choice on how we start to spend it. We could focus on the key goal for the day – or be busy being affected by the news around us. Instead of moving things in a positive way to help further ourselves and our businesses, we could get caught up in the more trivial things and end up further away from our goals and progress. Which direction do you want to take your life, forwards or backwards?

Start each day with the intention of making things better in your life. Don’t be distracted by what you haven’t managed before or thinking the task is too big. Just choose to take the first small positive step forwards.

I know only too well how life scuppers your plans, but also how to take that and realise the positive impact that those changes can bring. It is no good looking back and dwelling on what could, or should, have happened or the choice that should have been made. Look for what you can do positively now, and make your progress forwards.

If you want to start a book – then start to write
If your website it getting you down – then change it
If you keep missing out on some exercise – then find 15 mins to work out
If you want to learn a new skill – Google how and start today

Over the next 30 days you could move yourself 30 days forward in your progress. Or you could end up at the end of the 30 days not having got anywhere on that website / marketing campaign / new product / life – the choice is yours.

Which will you choose?

Book –The 10X Rule

To go well with the article above, consider reading The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. The book looks the 10X rule, the level of action that guarantees companies and individuals realise their goals. If you are going to focus on something set the bar higher and the effort stronger rather than settling for a mediocre effort and falling short of even that.

“Success is not something that happens to you; it is something that happens because of you and because of the actions you take.”

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Social & Open Networking Event – 7th November (Now extended to 8:30pm)

As part of our 4th Birthday Celebration, Metis Women are sponsoring a free Social & Open Networking event on Tuesday 7th November at Judds Folly. We also have Aimee Payne from Kent Cyber Unit giving a talk on protecting yourself and your business against Cyber Crime at 6:30.

Book your ticket now, and drop in between 5:00-8:00pm for a chat and meet-up. Open to both Men and Women.

Upcoming Workshops

10:00am – 1:00pm The Centre-Mind Body Spirit (next to the Medway M2 services)

Linked In – Tuesday 21st November – Take a look at LinkedIn – the professional social media platform. Find out more about why you should use LinkedIn, build your profile, connect to others the professional way, join Groups, and hints and tips on how to create relevant content and engage.

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Workshops are open to members and guests – & not just women 🙂


Forthcoming Meetings

Ashford-Folkestone – 1st December, Westenhanger Castle – Learn Session: Elizabeth Coachworth, Quick looks at Quickbooks
* Sponsored by Westenhanger Castle, Wedding, Meetings & Conferences

Maidstone-Medway – 10th November, The Centre – Mind Body Sprit, Moto Services, M2 London Bound – Learn Session: Helen Willsher, Who is your marketing talking to?
* Sponsored by The Centre – Mind Body Sprit, Workshops, Healing, Therapies

Faversham – 16th November, Judd’s Folly – Learn Session: Caroline Love, Time Saving Strategies for Social Media
* Sponsored by Judds Folly, Hotel, Restaurant & Wedding Venue

Meetings run from 9:30 (For networking) – 12:00

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We are currently not running any meetings, for further details see our facebook page

Have a great weekend

Amanda & The Metis Women Team