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12 Easy To Follow Steps To Help You Feel More Prepared & Confident Next Time You Go Networking – And How to Shine Afterwards

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Are you new to Business Networking?

Feeling a bit intimidated or nervous when talking about your business?

Not sure how to get the best results?

Well you’re in the right place!

Even the most seasoned networkers felt exactly the same when they started. It can be very difficult at first to walk into a room of ‘strangers’ and talk about yourself and your business but we’re here to tell you networking can be loads of fun and achieve great results when done right!

Download our guide to lead you through the steps to take before, during and after the meeting to help you feel more prepared and confident about your networking experience – including templates on how to write your pitch and follow-up better afterwards.

Networking doesn’t have to be daunting or endured – you just need some support.

So…why network?

Strengthening Relationships– Meeting regularly with a group of like-minded people helps to build and strengthen relationships. You find out more about the company and the person behind it, their achievements and their issues, and build trust and rapport.

Fresh Ideas– Talking with others about their businesses and issues will provide you with new thoughts and ideas that you can apply to growing your own company. Learn from their successes and mistakes, and strengthen your existing business methods.

Raised Profile– You could have the best product or service out there, but that’s no use if no-one knows about you. Networking helps you promote yourself to a wider audience, and the scope to connect with their contacts too.

Access to Opportunities– By building trust with others, you will become the ‘go-to’ person for your area and market. This can open up opportunities for sales and more importantly collaboration with other companies to grow your potential client pool.

New Information– Learning and development are key to growing yourself and your business. Talks, Learn Sessions, Member focus, Spotlight discussions can all help to increase your own personal development and in turn your company’s growth.

Advice and Support– Being a woman business owner can feel a bit isolated at times. It is easy to lose confidence and feel overwhelmed by all you do. Networking can provide a group of others to help support and encourage you to do more than you even thought possible. You don’t have to do it alone.

We’ve had many women approach us to get advice on how to achieve results from Networking and to feel more Confident in promoting themselves. And confidence comes from knowing how!

This is why we’ve created 12 Key Simple Steps which goes through everything you MUST KNOW before you go networking including:

  • Getting Ready – What to do before you go, to get yourself prepared and feeling more confident.
  • Your ‘Pitch’ – We’ll help you to create the perfect answer that you must use every time you’re asked ‘so what do you do?’
  • At the event – How to make the right first impression.
  • Follow-up – Networking isn’t just about the event itself. What you do afterwards will make all the difference and we’ll show you how to put a fabulous follow up in place.
  • Location – Where’s best to start your networking experience? What sort of networking is right for you?

What Next?

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