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Our first Ashford-Folkestone meeting at our new venue, Folkestone Rugby Club, went really well. Lovely location and hosts – come along and see for yourself.

November also celebrates 5 years of Metis Women. From an initial idea at a networking event, we have grown to become an award-winning membership organisation. Supporting Business Women in Kent in all stages of their growth has been immensely rewarding. We have seen new business take their first steps, and established businesses really take flight through the increased confidence and skills that Metis Women has helped develop. Celebrate with us at our Faversham meeting on 15th November. Everyone welcome – there will be Cake!

The Learn Sessions for November

Ashford-Folkestone – Please note the New Venue below.

Lucia Dello-Ioio, The Analytical Bookkeeper, will be talking about Measuring Your Business Success. In this Learn Session, Lucia will provide practical methods you can use to see what’s working – and what’s not – to optimise your Business better. Don’t think this is just about accounts, we are talking real data and boosting your sales and marketing too.

At our Faversham meeting we are celebrating our 5 year Anniversary. We have Guest Speaker Jo Dodds, from Power to Live More, talking about How to Avoid Procrastination and Get Stuff Done. Life feels so overwhelming nowadays with our busy lives, all the digital technology and that seemingly ‘always on’ culture. Jo is on a mission to help business owners to be more productive, organised, healthy and happy doing what they want to do, rather than what they feel they should or need to do. In this action packed Learn Session we’ll cover: Why we procrastinate; 10 strategies to follow to avoid procrastination and get stuff done and Jo’s No.1 Tip for getting going on getting anything done.

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Other Events

Festive Feast – 20th December Judds Folly – Spaces Limited

Metis Women will be holding their Festive Feast after the Faversham meeting on Thursday 20th December at Judds Folly. It is always a fabulous excuse for a little frivolity and fun.

Full details of the Menu are on the website here. Spaces are limited so book your place now.

Forthcoming Meetings

Ashford-Folkestone – 2nd November, Folkestone Rugby Club, New Burlington Ground, Newington, Folkestone CT18 8BH. Learn Session: Jo Dodds, How to Avoid Procrastination and Get Stuff Done
* Sponsored by Folkestone Rugby Club, Community Events Venue

Faversham – 15th November, Judd’s Folly – Learn Session: Lucia Dello-Ioio, Measuring Your Business Success
* Sponsored by Judds Folly, Hotel, Restaurant & Wedding Venue

Meetings run from 9:30 (For networking) – 12:00

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Have a wonderful week

Amanda & The Metis Women Team