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15 ways to make Blogging better

Blogging can be a great form of content and a method to engage with your Target readers. So what should you consider when blogging to help get more eyes on your posts?

Why are you blogging? – Is it to show you are an expert in the field, or an interest you have, or a cause you are passionate about? Perhaps it is a form of journal to take others on your journey with you, or a way to collate information from other sources for a ‘one-stop shop’. ‘Because everyone told me to’ is not a good answer, consider the reason you are taking the time to blog and what you want to achieve by it.

Who are you writing it for? – It is better to write with someone in mind, so that you a talking directly to them. Create a profile of your Target Reader: age, gender, location, interests, challenges, goals. Create a picture of that ‘one person’.

Theme – Is your blog to provide information, inspiration, humour? What is the overall theme of your blog – healthy eating, property development, start-up business advice.

Set the Tone – be you. Write it as if you are writing an email to your ‘one person’. ‘Speak’ to them in the language and flow of your blog. If you are talking on a technical subject to techy people then your language and tone would be very different if yours was a spiritualist blog oozing calm and serenity.

List your ideas – Sit down with a large sheet of paper and make a list of all the things you could write about, and that your Target may be interested in. Don’t think about what to write, or even if it is the right things. Just brain dump, as this may trigger further ideas either now or later. It is so much easier to sit down to write having a few ideas to start with.

Research – What are others in your industry/interest area blogging about. Search ‘top 10 blogs about x’ or ‘best blogs on x’ and see what comes up. What do they talk about? What style and tone? What questions do they answer and what feedback do the comments from readers give? How could you do it?

Keyword – Although you may already have a few people connected to you on various platforms, chances are you are blogging to get some more too. So you need to come up in a search for them to find you. This is where using a keyword is important. Use the keyword in the title, and then a few times throughout the blog. 1:50 is a good ratio, so the longer the post the more you can have.

Content – If you have a few ideas, but not sure what to write do some online research. You don’t have to create everything from scratch, but don’t just grab someone else’s ideas and try to pass them off as yours. Read what they say, and write it from your own perspective and opinion, or collate the information from various sources into one place.

Proof & Statistics – There will be times when you want to directly mention an article or item, proof that research has shown or statistics. In this case talk about them, and acknowledge it in the blog, with a link to the original.

Length – 1,500 – 3,000 words get the most readership and following, but if that seems like an impossible dream, consider one larger post and a few shorter 300-1000 posts to keep the momentum going.

Frequency – Decide how often you will blog. If it’s a journal it may be each day, for other styles weekly. An absolute minimum is monthly, but more often is really needed to get any traction, so consider the 1 large/3 mini option above. Keep to a set day/time too so people get to anticipate your blog – and even notice it if you miss it.

Post – Don’t expect to write a blog and have others find it. Have a schedule on when and where you will post the blog on the relevant platforms, and don’t forget to email a ‘taster’ to your list with a link to read the rest from your site.

Tools – Use plug-in tools to help post your blogs, and so that others can share them easily too. These can also be used to help your SEO too. Yoast is one of the most popular – see our App Section below for more details. They even have a nifty guide on optimizing your blog: https://yoast.com/seo-basics-how-to-optimize-a-blog-post/

Re-Post – If you have an ‘evergreen’ blog post (one that isn’t tied to a specific time or event) then don’t forget to share it again on your social platforms at later dates. If your content is relevant and engaging don’t hide it away, let new people find it.

Guest Blog – Could your blog be re-written as a guest blog on another site? Somewhere that has more of your Target readers than yours, that you could get in front of. Look out for requests to guest blog, or ask for a slot if you feel your content will be relevant to their followers.

Be engaging, be relevant, be You!

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App – Yoast

If you have a WordPress website and/or blog, then consider the Yoast Plug-in to help your site with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – the ease and effectiveness of your page being found and ranked well on Google etc.

Yoast makes it fairly easy to set things like meta description, keywords, titles and even how each page will look when shared on social media. It also uses a traffic light system to show you how well things will work, and suggest ways to improve. It does take a little time to set things up, but it is time well spent if it helps your natural rankings. There is also plenty of help out there. The free version has plenty of functionality, but there is a premium option too.


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