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20th March was the first day of spring, and spring, as we know, is all about new beginnings.

So we were delighted once again, to welcome a lot of new faces to our once again, fully booked meeting. With the launch of our new website, and our members and previous guests spreading the word, we’re almost in a position to launch groups into new areas of Kent, so new beginnings all round!

As this was the theme for the month, our fellow Metis founder and Business Mentor Amanda Holges kicked off the meeting by talking about injecting some green shoots into our businesses, and what may or may not be holding us back from doing that, in particular, focusing on confidence issues, and how to overcome them. This created some lively debate in the room concerning what we were or were not confident in doing – I think we all need to learn how to change a car tyre – Claire Hulott, we’re looking at you to teach us!

This month’s member slot was by Cathy O’Mahoney talking about her business Divorce Nicely, and the benefits and future of mediation services as part of the divorce process – an extremely impassioned talk about how she set up the business, which touched us all. We really appreciate the openness and involvement in this group, and it’s stories like Cathy’s that inspire all of us, so thank you Cathy for sharing your experiences with us.

Beverley Adams-Reynolds updated us on her progress since last month’s collaboration slot, which has hopefully given her some clarity on which direction she is planning to take her business. Our advice was to keep doing what she was doing, as her vintage teas are so exquisite and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Julia Robinson of More than Words was this month’s advice seeker, on how to manage all her different business hats, what business to focus on, and how to market herself. We hope she, too, finds our thoughts and suggestions useful. We look forward to hearing the results next month.

We also love getting an update on what you’ve achieved in terms of your commitments made at the meetings – from booking skydives, to drinking more water, to sorting out your accounts – keep the momentum going ladies!

Finally, we were so excited about a big new project that we’ve been developing in the wings, and with the theme of new beginnings, we couldn’t wait to announce it to you. We’re making a pilot TV programme, Metis Women TV, and taking you all to the airwaves! Thanks to all of you who have volunteered to be interviewed, as well as the anchor to host, but we are always looking for more of you to get involved, so if you’re keen and want to tell the story about your business, and how Metis has helped you on your journey, then please get in touch with us on our Facebook page, we can’t wait to put it into practice!

Next month’s meeting is on 17th April, so we look forward to seeing you there.