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Marketing – Having a Strategy to make it easier

We have said how important your role as ‘Marketer’ for your business is, but keeping on track with what to post where, what message to send out and when to send it can all be a bit daunting – or a bit hit and miss. So why not make the job a little easier on yourself, and have a strategy to start with that you can follow.

Start with a list of the platforms you want to promote yourself on, and how often you want to post on each. If it is 1 Tweet per month, 2 Facebook posts and an infrequent blog – think again. Here are some suggested frequencies for the ‘sweet spot’ of each platform:

Blog – 1 per week. If that seems too much Alecia from Clockwork Moggy at our recent SEO Learn Session suggested one main blog per month, and a mini blog each week – covering something of interest that has happened, or that you have seen that would be relevant to your target.

Tweet – 15 tweets per day. Sound a lot? Well about 7 of those could be re-tweets or content you have curated (put together from other sources).

Facebook and LinkedIn – 1 per day on each. You can use a curated post or re-share every other day. Make sure the content is targeted to each platform – one is more ‘social’ the other more ‘professional’, so your image and tone should reflect that.

Instagram – 1-2 posts. Make sure it is something that others are likely to share, and get those #Hashtags working well for you.

Pinterest – 11 times a day. Share pins regularly, and curate content from others to build engagement.

This report from CoSchedule goes into this in more depth, and provides details on how to see if what you are doing is working for each platform. It also has a section about using their tool to automate it – skip through that bit, or consider it an option.

Remember, as I mentioned in last week’s blog, one article can be used to provide a number of posts on the different platforms, so you don’t have to create everything from scratch. In fact, by knowing the frequency you want to achieve and platforms you want to use, you can soon fill the slots with repeat postings across the period of a month.

Have a theme – make a list of 12 themes you could use across the year. Certain seasons or key events, industry specific dates, areas you want to educate your target about. This gives you a good place to start for building your content around.

Of course, all this Tweeting, blogging, posting, engaging, following, can take its toll, and you can end up not spending the time on developing your actual business forward. Well then it is time to send for the experts. The people that can provide a full overview of a strategy, and perhaps even create the content and post it on a regular schedule.

If you aren’t quite there yet, then for an excellent place to start Lisa Whalley-Smith of Klarity Marketing has a Savvy Social Media Planner to help you to be super organised with your tweeting and posting. Print one off each month, add in events that you are attending and any key dates and then fill in the blanks with other posts.

Have an objective each month – for example following possible new customers or promoting a specific product. Perhaps have a theme each month to focus your social media posting further.

Head here to pick up your copy: http://www.klaritymarketing.co.uk/freebies/

Above all, by having a plan in place it will be so much simpler to keep on track – and time saving too. After all, we can always do with a little less time on wondering what to do, and more time enjoying life.

Metis Workshop #1 – LinkedIn – Are you using it to your best advantage? (28th March)

If you are looking for a professional edge to your social media, then LinkedIn is the must-have social media platform, but are you getting the best out of it?

This interactive workshop will help build your profile to give the right messages; show how to connect to others in the ‘professional’ way to grow contacts; you will look at how joining Groups are a good way to develop your connections; and how to create relevant content for the LinkedIn audience and boost your engagement.

Bring along your Laptop and improve your LinkedIn presence directly in the workshop.

Suitable for beginners and those looking to harness the platform better.

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Metis Workshop #2 – Mailchimp-Stage 2 (25th April)

For those already with a Mailchimp account, this next stage workshop takes you through further features to enhance and automate your campaigns further:

The workshop will include: Tracking your readers and reports; creating groups and segmentation for targeting your list better; A/B testing for your campaigns to increase your open rates; and automating your campaigns using auto responders.

Bring along your Laptop and create some new campaign ideas and try out your new skills.

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Head here to find out more on other up-coming the workshops and book your space.

Discounted rate for members – open to guests too – not just women 🙂

Commitment Round-Up

Sophia Mulvany had visit Harrogate for a week on work experience and keep on track with her studies. Sophia had a very insightful time in Harrogate, not only learning about Tea-tasting, but also enjoying a trip to the famous Betty’s Tea Room to sample their delights too. Needless to say her studies are continuing, with even a few moments after a Metis Women meeting being taken to catch up.

Judith Jackson had a ‘clear down’ on Facebook and removed a redundant UW profile on there. Judith’s next step is to sort her business page.

Kathryn Cooper set about tidying up her workshop and is now finding it much easier to find stuff. Kathryn has also done the sketches for some new items in collaboration with Jane Lowther from House of Colour.

Deborah Mulvany committed to trying out Evernote following the Learn Session and has set it up for keeping track of her clients. Deborah has even dabbled with hand written notes on it with her stylus.

CJ Munn, also looked to trial Evernote, and has used it to keep track of client payments. CJ feels she is only ‘grazing the edges’ of Evernote, but it is a good start.

Caroline Love purchased the photo booth as mentioned on her commitments. It has had its first outing at the KWiB Awards and the website is now open for bookings – take a look here: www.gingersnapsphotobooth.co.uk.

Elizabeth survived not one but TWO VAT inspections for her Clients and got refunds for both of them. A daunting experience, but with a happy outcome for all concerned.

Dee Stringer has grabbed her new ‘org’ domain for Amethyst Therapies, and made sure she kept up her commitment to ‘chill out’ by taking some regular meditation time, which Dee can definitely recommend to others.

Caroline Gipson committed to getting her Mailchimp up and running and had booked the training for after the Faversham meeting. Looking forward to seeing some new campaigns soon.

It is great to hear how the commitments made in the meetings are helping to keep you on track, and moving forward with your individual goals – Well done.

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Amanda & The Metis Women Team