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It’s the month of ghosts, ghouls and demons, so at our Maidstone meeting, we were talking about being scared and facing our fears.

And who better to talk about overcoming our fears and identifying what’s holding us back in our businesses than Caroline Love – who’s done one of the scariest things EVER (wing walking, in case you’re wondering!).
She talked about how to turn the negative perceptions of ourselves into positives, get rid of the drains in our lives and surround ourselves with radiators (loving that analogy) and focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t.

And you know what? It can be as simple as telling yourself how good you are each day, talking to yourself using positive words and phrases, and even sitting up straight and making yourself feel assertive and confident – the more you tell yourself, the more you’ll believe it.

So begin today, it’s a small thing that can be incorporated within your daily routine, but Caroline and other members around the room have all vouched for its effectiveness, it’s important to look after number one, and all too easy to forget about her.

Then Ali Hollands took the member slot for this month. As well as being an amazing Maidstone team member, she also does have a day job, and it was her turn to tell us about turning her hand to hypnotherapy from copywriting – it all began with learning about hypnotic language, who’d have thunk it? It was really interesting to hear about her journey, and how hypnotism even helped her to bag the man of her dreams (don’t worry, she hasn’t put him under her spell…)

Then, we had an incredibly naughty treat this month – Divine Cheesecakes of Kent made a really tasty lime cheesecake that was so incredibly melt in the mouth…

It also served as a birthday cake as we celebrated Caroline Love’s birthday – her 34th (wink wink) – can’t think of a better way for her to spend it.

Then Kathryn Cooper fed back on her collaboration spot from last month – where we helped her with ideas for her reinvented jewellery parties, and Kathryn’s now teaming up with other members as a result of ideas from the floor, we’re eagerly waiting to see the results of that collaboration.

Next up was Business Angel Amanda Holges who asked for advice on a business she has both invested in and is now Managing Director of, a fantastic motorcycle helmet which cools the brain down on impact from a crash. An incredible invention, and we weren’t lacking in ideas to help Amanda – celebrity endorsement and telling the story of how the company came to be were all good ideas on how to boost the website and get the product out there. We wish Amanda all the luck, it’s an amazing product, an essential for all motorbike riders out there.

Then onto commitments as usual, and we also heard back on how some of our members have worked together or collaborated with each other, which is what it’s all about, our mantra, as you know is support, collaboration and growth. Ali Hollands is in the process of introducing a journalist to the powers of hypnotherapy as a result of Sarah Whelband (PR guru) putting the two in touch with each other, can’t wait to see the resulting media coverage. Likewise, Ali again met the lovely Wendy Tetley at the Dartford launch, and the two are working together on a potential speaker slot, which will put Ali in front of many key targets. Both wouldn’t have been possible without Metis Women – we always love to hear about these stories of success, if you have any like this, do let us know, tell us on Facebook or at our meetings, but let us know how Metis Women is working for you.

We’ve still got two more meetings for October: Faversham is next week on 16th, and Dartford is on the 23rd, some great people lined up for the various slots, so book your tickets here to be sure of a place.