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A Moment’s Pleasure

So you may not have the chance to take a full week or two away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a few moments of fun in the sun. Remember it is important for your well-being and that of your business too. Nose to the grindstone all the time whilst the sun beats in through the window really isn’t helpful.

Here are a few thoughts for taking a quick break to re-charge, or just doing things a bit different to help boost your mood and productivity:

Take it Outside – Get a good dose of Vitamin D into your system. Breakfast in the garden, or take your technology out for a bit of alfresco living. You might need to find the brightness control before you head out though.

A Pleasant Stroll – Just getting out and about on a beautiful day, or at the end of it as the sun is setting, adds an extra element of enjoyment to a quiet walk. Take some snaps too, always good for social posts.

The Cool of the Evening – If you don’t get a chance during the day, or find it too hot, then why not have a twilight walk. Watching the sunset in the cool of the evening, with all the colours as darkness falls is beautiful and calming too.

Stretch the Mind – Taking a break and getting out helps the creative mind too. A little bit of freedom lets your thoughts flow more freely. It is good to get away from the day to day and relax. If something comes to mind make a note and work on it further later.

Stretch the Body – Cycle, Run, Swim, Yoga – whatever takes your fancy to exercise your body and your mind. It will also help boost your happiness hormones – serotonin, endorphins and dopamine.

Mood Enhancing – Enjoying the fun helps to enhance your mood and aids your concentration and alertness too. Go and do something frivolous just because you can.

Hydrate – Don’t forget if it actually gets to be a hot day to drink plenty of hydrating fluids (sorry that doesn’t include a bottle of Prosecco), and eat some cooling snacks such as Watermelon, Cucumber, Avocado, Berries, and Melon (could go in the Prosecco 🙂 ). Apparently Poppy seeds are another good cooling source, they quench thirst and cool the body. Here’s a Salad Dressing to try >>

Above all don’t let the Summer pass you by without taking a few moments to enjoy it – if it’s likely to be overlooked, then book yourself a couple of moments now. You will return so much better relaxed and productive afterwards.

Book Review – The Three Year Pond and Other Absurdities

Whilst you are taking that break, why not catch up on some reading. This book, by wildlife and garden expert Simon Pollard, has practical tips for creating a sanctuary in your garden, a heartfelt story, and an underlying theme to take responsibility for your own happiness and self-fulfilment.

A book with wit, wisdom and wildlife >>

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Have a great weekend

Amanda & The Metis Women Team