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It’s all Blah Blah Blah to me

Why is it some messages seem to be speaking just to you, and others are just a background noise adding even more confusion and hassle to your day? What do some marketers know about their customers that others don’t?

I was recently in a room where every word seemed to be talking to me. It was about my issues, about the things I was having problems with, giving solutions that I could understand and know I needed. Yet there wasn’t just me there, I was in a room with hundreds of others. The speaker knew their audience, the message they wanted to give and the best way to provide it. Cheers and standing ovation.

We are bombarded with messages all day, through our emails, phones, social, TV, radio, internet searches, papers. So many ways that people are trying to attract our attention. Most of it we ignore, or it distracts us for a moment before we head on to the next thing, but some of those messages interest us enough to read a little further and find out a little more. That’s because it feels a bit more personal, it’s about things we are interested in or worried about, it ‘talks’ to us.

How well do you know your customer or are you still talking to the masses because ‘everyone needs me/my product’? The trouble with trying to talk to everyone is that no-one will hear because it won’t be talking directly at them. It will just become another bit of white-noise or email deleted. By knowing exactly who you want to attract and producing a message that specifically fits them, you are raising the chances that they will stop for a moment and want to know more.

You may have a number of these ‘ideal customers’ and you should get to know each one. Get into their minds and their shoes, and understand what it is they want and how and where it is best to communicate with them. What gender, age, work, family, interests, car, house, location, problems, desires? Name them, and have a picture in your mind of them when you are creating any promotions or materials. Perhaps you already have a perfect customer – then find out more about them and use their image when you are crafting things.

Some time spent on this makes your job so much easier when it comes to creating content, products and messages. In turn you will appeal to your target so much better, as they feel as if it is just them you were thinking about.


Apping Marketing

Here are some apps you may find useful for adding images and content to your Marketing and Promotions:

  • Pixabay – Free high quality images. They can be downloaded, modified and distributed even for commercial use.
  • Unsplash – Another free photo site, 10 new images added every 10 days. It also has a chrome extension that shows a random image when you open a new tab – if you like it download it. Perfect to create a store of potential images for later use.
  • Canva – A great tool for creating images from photos and text for blogs, social profiles, posts, presentations etc.
  • PicMonkey – Let’s you edit photos, create collages, add text, create designs and infographics.
  • Pocket – This can be used across platforms to store interesting articles, website, blogs etc for posting later, or using as the basis for your own content. Simply click on article and ‘Tag’ it for type of use.
  • Drum Up – This one suggests content based on keywords you add to a dashboard, and whilst you are browsing other pages. It allows you to create posts and schedule for later too. This one’s new to me, so I wait to see if it becomes a favourite.





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