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The excitement was palpable as we arrived at the Astor Theatre in Deal last Tuesday, for the launch of the next stage in the development of Metis Women!

This evening meeting was the first in a series of pop-ups in the East Kent area to gauge local interest and potential for a regular monthly group.

Metis Women co-founder Deborah Mulvany was MC for the evening; she introduced the group and spoke about how networking and collaboration had helped to build her own business, as well as some of the new social media training Metis Women are offering over the summer (see events page for more info).

Then it was our guest speaker Hilary Steel’s turn. Hilary – among other things – is editor of Kent Women in Business magazine. Her Learn Session was called ‘Which superhero are you?’ and had us all thinking about which superpower we would like to have (time expansion, an energy boost, healing, or a photographic memory) and ways in which we could learn or develop these. How we could then build our business around our own superpowers and make ourselves the superhero of our own lives: ‘Only batman can answer the red phone,’ she said.

Although Hilary seems like a titanium-plated lady, she told us how she could also be the invisible woman – highlighting that all of us have our own unique challenges and talents. Her talk was fast-paced, funny and engaging and left us all thinking about how we could use our newly discovered powers.

After a break for coffee and delicious cupcakes Jo Dutton held the collaboration spot: ‘Should I follow my head or my heart?’ Jo deserves a special mention because she told us how nervous she gets about public speaking. Yet in spite of her ‘knocking knees and sweating palms,’ she came across as the confident, quirky, amazing woman she is.

Then it was co-founder Caroline Love’s turn. She introduced the commitments part of the meeting, something she had bought to Metis Women from her life coaching business. The idea is that we all write down between one and three things that we will commit to achieving over the next month.  Caroline then collects these in and – whilst keeping them confidential – posts us encouraging messages on the Facebook group to help keep us on track.

Finally a special mention should go to the honorary Metis Man, photographer Laurie Philps from Smugshot who was snapping away on the night and who is teaming up with the Metis Women founders to create the Metis Women TV documentary. Watch this space on the exciting developments for Metis Women TV later this week…

The meeting closed and we all left energised and ready to meet the current challenges in our personal and professional lives using our own unique superpowers.

Not yet been to a meeting and keen to learn more? Metis Women is launching in Maidstone at the Best Western Russell Hotel on Friday May 9th. Come along from 9am to find out what it’s all about and how it could help your business to grow.