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Making Your Money Work Best For You

Would you like an extra little help in your pocket each month – perhaps to enjoy a weekend away, or even cover some bills? I am sure you would prefer your hard-earned cash to grow your business, or experience a wonderful time. Perhaps now is a good time to check if your money is working the best for you, and plug any potential gaps in the run up to Chr…… (No I can’t bring myself to say it yet 😊)

To many people financials and figures are just something to endure because the Tax man says you have to provide them, but spending a little time checking where the money was heading could make a big difference in your business or personal finances. Even just a £20 saving a month soon adds up to a potential £240 – that could be a new campaign or a weekend break.

On the personal finance side, when was the last time you looked through your bank statements and saw where the money was heading? Check you are using all the features that your bank account gives you, especially if you are paying a monthly fee, and if it is still worth the monthly outgoing. Check your insurances and utilities are giving you the best deal. Are there any regular outgoings or subscriptions that you are no longer using (I was paying for an extended warranty for an item I no longer had!) Mobiles, broadband and TV subscriptions can often value you suddenly if you say you are thinking of leaving – and find a discount they can offer you.

On the business front, is your marketing providing a good return on your investment? Check there are no payments going out on promotions that aren’t bringing you in profitable sales. If you are not sure what is providing the sales, then put a process in to find out. A ‘where did you hear about us’ drop down, or ask when speaking to them or emailing. Then see where it is best to focus your promotions – it may even be on referrals and word of mouth.

Check for any regular outgoings in your business that you may not be using fully. Can you get any better deals from your suppliers? Are there some clients that need invoicing or chasing for payment? Even relatively small changes can make a big difference over a year.

Now I know money is by no means the root of all happiness. However, I am sure most of us would be happier with it helping us achieve a better business or lifestyle, rather than in someone else’s pocket (especially the Taxman’s).

Take some time to check through your statements (business and personal) to check if there are any items that could be saved, and spent in a better way for you.

Alternatively, book on my Saving Your Time & Money Workshop this Tuesday, and let’s go through it all together. It could easily save you both the cost of the workshop, plus more besides. Click here now to book.

Book – Devil in the White City

Abigail Bailey has suggested a fiction book for a good read. Devil in the White City by Erik Larson is a mesmerizing, murderous tale of the legendary Chicago World Fair, and how the fates of the architect of the ‘White City’ and a serial killer get entwined.

“It was a very interesting view into a turbulent time in America, not only did it explain how the World’s Fair was built, it explained how Chicago started the craze of building sky scrapers, and why parks were built in cities. There was so much detail about the trials and tribulations of engineering, as well as how something as big as the World’s Fair could effectively hide one of the world’s most prolific serial killers. Also, I had no idea that Walt Disney’s father was a carpenter, and told his son about building the fair, and that’s where some of Mikey Mouse’s stories come from!”

Here’s the link to get your copy >>

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Saving Your Time & Money – Tuesday 26th September – This workshop could potentially cover its cost many times over. Finding time to sort the numbers in your business can be hard – but they are critical to making sure you are working on the right things in your business. Find out where the money is going, stop any leaks, and identify where to spend it better to get more return on your investment.

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