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What to do when you've lost your mojo

What if you lose your mojo?

We asked in a recent meeting how do you get your mojo back in business. We all want to be seen as successful in business and portray the confident image, but sometimes we just don’t feel it. This article will give you a few pointers to help you get over that bump, and back to your awesome self again.

You can lose your business mojo when you are working in the same pattern, or over commit yourself so you have too much on the go, if you have a tendency to compare yourself to others, or worry that no one wants to work with you or that you are not worthy.

The important thing is to realise that it happens – to everyone. If it happens, it is not a reflection on you or your business, but a temporary blip. The key thing is to recognise that it is happening and do something about it.

Take time out – Look at your diary and book time out to do some reflection and remember what you enjoy about your business, and come back to doing that again. Go back to the basics, remember why you do what you are doing, and why you love it so much that it fires you into doing it.

Help from others – talk to someone else, perhaps a relative, friend, or someone else in business. Someone who shares similar situations and interests, but is remote enough to not be directly involved. Someone you can talk to freely, and will guide and support you back from a headless chicken to a graceful swan.

Step Back – If you are feeling overwhelmed, or that you are falling behind, take a moment to step back. Time some time out to make a plan of where you want to go forwards, and how to make yourself feel better again about your business.

Make a Note – If you need to take the time out, because you can’t focus on anything because you have so much on. Make a note of the first thing you will come back to the next day. Even if it is something fairly easy, so you don’t start back with a ‘what do I do now?’. Get it clear that you are taking the time away to re-energise or just let yourself rest, but that you have a key focus to come back to.

Breathe the Air – Get outside and empty your head of all the stuff that is cluttering it. Walk, run, cycle, whatever suits you, but breathe the fresh air and get in touch with nature again. You are your business, and your business is you – the two are interlinked. Get outside and look at the sky and realise what a fantastic place we have and are part of.

Don’t Deny Others – You are meaningful to the people around you. Other people benefit from what you can give them through your business, don’t deny them that. If you hold yourself back, other people are missing out on your wonderfulness.

Eat that Frog – Unblock the problem. By clearing the thing that is stopping you or weighing you down. Maybe a task you are procrastinating on or a problem you are dwelling on. You can use that momentum to propel you forward. Alternatively, just don’t do it and accept that you don’t know what to do. Once you have let go, and stopped worrying over it, it comes to you. The blockage has been lifted and cleared, and the flow comes back once the stress has gone.

Channel your Compete Freak – Perhaps looking at the competition might be the answer to spur you on, if you are the competitive type. Hearing that someone else is scooping the sales, when you are getting knock backs, might be just the push to think ‘Right I’m not having that, I’m better than that’ and getting back on with things.

Don’t isolate yourself – It is easy think nobody wants to see me, and that you can give nothing to anyone. You can start hiding away from others and isolating yourself, which can add to the situation. You need the contact and exchange of ideas from others. Find the inspiration that others can give you.

Come to Metis Women – Listen to other inspiring women talking about their wonderful lives. Not to use that to create a negative comparison on yourself, but to use the support and encouragement that we all need sometimes. Another day it will be someone else, and you will be helping them because you got through it.

I think the last word should go to Caroline Love, who said ‘Well, you could be in a job!’. Perhaps the thought of having a 9-5 job and a boss will be enough to jolt you back. You run your own business – and that’s awesome! It is something 95% of others can’t do.

Thanks to everyone at Metis Women Faversham for your views and suggestions to make this post possible.