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So what type are you?

There are three types of people heading into the New Year. Here we look at the highs and lows of each – but which one are you?

Feeling Hot Hot Hot – You took time last year to look at what you wanted to achieve in 2018, and you are already on fire with implementing your new plans. Well done, hitting the new year with plans in place and the motivation to push through is a great start. It is important to keep that momentum going, and ensure you have broken down the steps well enough. Big plans are great, but it is the smaller steps that make it up that get you there. If it feels tough at times, then look to see if you need to break it down further to achieve the next step. Make sure you have a few milestones noted to keep you on track – and to take the time to acknowledge them along the way.

Flying with no safety net – Being lost in a January that is too slow (and leaving you demotivated), or too hectic with no clear direction, leaves you flying by the seat of your pants. You will feel as if nothing is in your control, and the days ending as if you achieved little. What is it you need to do to change this? If it is too hectic, then is this just a temporary thing you have to overcome, or is it something more long term? A couple of weeks is OK to juggle, but longer term and you need a new plan in place to deal with it. On the other hand, if you are too quiet then what can you do now to change this for the coming weeks? Don’t dwell but look for what is causing the issue, and options to turn things around. Perhaps it may need some drastic changes, better to do that now than struggle on any longer.

Enjoying the calm – Finally, perhaps you have had a good year, a busy time, and you are just enjoying a moment of calm to re-group your thoughts before the next busy stage. A great feeling of achievement on what you have accomplished. Take a well-earned break, but use your time wisely to your advantage. What can you get in place now that will help you when things get busy again? What worked, or didn’t work, last year that needs a bit of amending to improve things for the coming months? A few thoughts now on what can be done to make things better for your future will be well worth it in a few weeks’ time.

Whatever stage you have entered into the New Year at, remember that our Collaboration Spot can be very helpful to discuss your plans, or find some new suggestions. There is a roomful of help and support just waiting. If you want to book a spot email me.

App – TaoMix 2

An easy way to create a mindful soundscape to let your thoughts flow easy. Helps you to focus, relax and sleep better. There are various sounds included, but you can also add your own and create soundscapes that fit your moods and needs. Have a listen – both iOS and Android available.

Other Events

Reminder >>> Sex-Ed for Adults 10th January 6:30-8:30pm – Haya Kalechman will be holding her monthly Sex Ed for Adults Café in Folkestone. It is a free, friendly, non-judgemental interactive talk event designed to teach you everything you wish you had learned at school about relationships and sex – and much more – in a fun, relaxed and safe way.

Find out more and book your place here >>

Starting Tuesday 16th January – Beyond Sex Ed – , run by Haya Kalechman is a pioneering 5-week programme designed to teach you everything you wish you had learned at school about relationships and sex – and much more – in a fun, relaxed and safe way.

For further details of what the course covers head here


Forthcoming Meetings

Ashford-Folkestone – 2nd February, Westenhanger Castle – Learn Session: TBC
* Sponsored by Westenhanger Castle, Wedding, Meetings & Conferences

Maidstone-Medway – 9th February, The Centre – Mind Body Sprit, Moto Services, M2 London Bound – Learn Session: TBC
* Sponsored by The Centre – Mind Body Sprit, Workshops, Healing, Therapies

Faversham – 18th January, Judd’s Folly – Learn Session: TBC
* Sponsored by Judds Folly, Hotel, Restaurant & Wedding Venue

Meetings run from 9:30 (For networking) – 12:00

Book Now:

We are currently not running any meetings, for further details see our facebook page

Have a great weekend

Amanda & The Metis Women Team