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Seizing or Saving your Customer’s Experience

You may already be aware of B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer), but have you heard of O2O (Online to Offline). As customer experience trends head towards either seizing or saving your customers attention, we look at some of the ways innovation is helping some companies leap ahead.

In today’s world of consumer trends there is a new(ish) kid on the block O2O. It is the strategy of getting potential customers from your online channels to ‘offline’ physical stores. Where a customer is made aware through email or internet adverts, and then enticed through tools etc to head for a store. Perhaps through in-store pick up, to try something on, or return items. By utilising apps that inform, entice, review, suggest and ultimately pay for goods all within the single environment, companies are providing consumers new ways to shop.

In China there are now staff-less stores, taking the vending machine to a whole new level, where you can enter the shop and make your purchases via the WeChat app, and then pay via the app as you leave.

The WeChat app could entice you to get your dog groomed through an article, all ordered and washed through a local service provider within the hour, while you speak to your friend and arrange a lunch date. You book a taxi to pick you both up from your own homes, splitting the bill appropriately, having ordered your meal from the menu on the way. A quick QR scan at your table and the food is brought, and then paid for via the app of course.

While for some this may sound scary or too efficient without the fun, for many this type of time-saving is becoming the desire.

Already I am sure you will have seen recommendations when you purchase things online – another way that stores are leading your thoughts beyond your current purchase. In my days of working at WH Smiths we would always ask someone who has bought a pen if they wanted a refill to go with it. Now when I order online from Iceland it comes up with other suggestions I may like (though it did suggest beef mince when ordering an apple pie, so I think it needs some work!)

The trends in Customer Experience are all about Seizing or Saving Attention.

By harnessing the data provided through the online experience, the consumer can be offered things that are unique to their requirements – showing you know their exact needs. An app that alerts you that the store you are about to enter doesn’t meet your ethical needs. The recent up-roar that Asda wasn’t going to sell loose veg – consumers saying they didn’t want all the extra packaging etc. shows how social platforms soon get the message across.

While you may not be opening a staff-free store anytime soon, think about how you could be Seizing your customer’s attention to things they need (even before they realised it), or Saving them by providing what they want with minimal keystrokes or effort.

The full article on Customer Experience Trends, including airlines providing laptop loans, and ordering your Burger King by speaking to your Playstation, can be found here.

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